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Please excuse our mess while we are in the process of building a wonderful page to help
take care of our 4 Legged best friends…

Our Mission:

        As we look around the country, we find most animal shelters are over crowded with dogs and cats. It seems the rate of adopting pets is much slower than rescuing pets from neglect and abuse. After careful study, we have found that this is primarily due to the cost of vaccinations, spay & neutering  and medical services for these animals. One way our contributions help this is by reducing if not eliminating the adoption fee required to adopt a pet at any local animal shelter. We feel that if there is little or no fee….then more pets would be adopted at a quicker pace. This in turn will reduce the cost for food and housing which can therefore be used for other vital services. These services are not cheap, in reality, they are very costly and require help from animal activists and their contributions to cover these cost. So we ask you to please sign up and contribute just .40 cents a day, thats just $12 a month, or you can make a one time donation….100% of your donations go to helping our 4 legged friends.

       For your caring contributions, we have made available to the general public to participate in a “rewards” program.   simply make a contribution  and follow the onscreen program or just click the “sign-up” link (top right) and you can sign up for free and see how it all works.

      The Rewards program is a multi tiered reward for anyone who refers other good Samaritans to our site that also contributes to helping our abused and neglected animals. This is done on 4 tiers of rewards where by a participant can receive a $1.00 reward for every member down 4 tiers from them. In addition to that reward, that reward is also paid to them EVERY month that the referred member is a member in good standing. (has contributed $12.00 that month). In essence, this rewards program can not only be profitable…but really help our 4 legged friends.

At This Time:

   We really need your help, there are many dogs, cats, horses and other animals that need a forever home. Some even need medical treatment. Help us help them… Please give generously….

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